Mafia Lord's Veil Woman


Mafia Lord's Veil Woman Season2

"Jordans!" Carolin shouted loudly, when she saw that several luxury cars had been delivered by the dealer to Lucifer's mansion. Carolin knew that all the cars belonged to Jordan, her grandson.

"Mom, why are you screaming, your vocal cords will break later," said Merlin, who had just left the house, and found his mother on the porch with a golden-headed cane in the old woman's hand.

"Oh My God!" Merlin shouted, no less surprised, when he saw five sports cars entering the courtyard of Lucifer's mansion. Tiger and Fatimah, have just gone to New York to attend Maryam and Alex's annual event, but Jordan has bought five new cars to add to his mansion collection, this is not the first time, but it is the umpteenth time.

"Good morning, madam. Please sign here, as a receipt for the goods that have been sent," said the man in a black suit, who was holding a piece of paper and a pen.

Carolin rubbed her chest and sighed when she saw the nominal printed on the paper, not about the nominal, but they didn't like it when Jordan wasted money on things that weren't important.

After signing on the paper, Carolin stepped in hastily as did Merlin who accompanied his mother to Jordan's room which was upstairs.

As soon as she arrived at the front of the room, this old woman with all her might banged on her grandson's bedroom door. Carolin should spoil her grandson right? But Carolin didn't apply this to Jordan, since he was little, Jordan lived with all the luxury, all his desires were fulfilled, but Carolin never once saw the good side of Jordan, which made Carolin feel worried about the growth of his grandson.

"Merlin, get the spare key in the living room!" Carolin ordered, but Merlin instead sighed.

"Mom, calm down. Don't panic too much, your stomach acid will flare up later, and you'll have a sudden heart attack," Merlin held Carolin's shoulders.

"You pray for me to die quickly?" Asked Carolin with a blind eye glaring at Merlin. This woman immediately grinned, when her mother was already glaring at her.

"Aish, no children. No grandchildren, makes high blood pressure!" Carolin snapped, when this woman was about to knock, Jordan's bedroom door was already open, this man opened the door while yawning towards and scratching his head like a typical person waking up.

"Grandma, darling." Said Jordan, as soon as he saw Carolin standing in front of his bedroom door, and immediately hugged the middle-aged woman tightly, and showered Carolin's face with his death smile.

"Let go! Grandma can't breathe, you might die, Grandma, let go quickly!" The middle-aged woman screamed again, Jordan just chuckled and let go of her hug.

"Auntie, let me hug you for a moment," said Jordan, Merlin immediately raised his hand towards Jordan telling Jordan to stop coming closer.

"Don't try to seduce me, I'm not like your Grandma, who can be seduced by your seduction," Merlin sneered as he looked at Carolin, this middle-aged woman immediately looked away, and hugged her beloved grandson again.

"Auntie pretends to sell expensively, even though she's selling cheap, it doesn't necessarily sell well," Jordan sneered.

"Jordan!" shouted someone who had just arrived, and it was Tiger, Jordan's father who had just arrived from New York. Jordan rolled his eyes lazily. Jordan looked for Fatima's whereabouts, but the woman was nowhere to be seen.

"No need to look for Mommy, she hasn't come back yet, Mommy will be back in two or three days," Tiger approached everyone. Jordan didn't let go of his hug from Carolin, making Tiger shake his head.

"Daddy, I want to rest first. When Daddy wakes up, the car in Daddy's yard has been moved to your villa. Daddy doesn't want to see that junk in Daddy's yard!" Tiger said firmly and warned his child. However, Merlin and Carolin both rolled their eyes.

"What junk? It was just bought, sis," continued Merlin, but Tiger had already left. Carolin and Merlin couldn't help but sigh, Father and Son were both stressing them out.

Seeing Tiger who had gone into the room, Jordan then invited Carolin and Merlin into his room. And told the two women to sit on the sofa in the room.

"What's wrong? Why are you being nice to Auntie? Asked Merlin, who glanced sarcastically at Jordan who was grinning at Jordan, making Carolin smile at the behavior of her grandchildren and children.

"Oma, Aunt. Give me Maryam's address,"


"Aawh! Auntie, why hit my head?" Asked Jordan, who was rubbing his head after being hit by Merlin.

"Call your polite great-grandmother, just play with name-calling," said Merlin.

"What great-grandmother? My brother, I asked Princess Maryam's address, the address of my sister's house in Indonesia, Lo Tan," Jordan said, embarrassed, Merlin laughed, they forgot that Tiger and Fatimah's child was also Maryam.

"Sorry, Auntie thought you were asking your great-grandmother," said Merlin, now Carolin shook her head.

Carolin didn't want to tell Princess Maryam's address, because Carolin was afraid that Jordan would cause problems, especially since this man couldn't control his emotions. Since childhood, Jordan had been possessive of Princess Maryam, so whatever Princess Maryam wanted to do, Jordan always interfered and restrained her.

"Please!" now Jordan was trying to persuade Carolin, and knelt at this woman's knees so that she would give Princess Maryam's address for him.

Carolin has tried not to be influenced by Jordan's persuasion, but this middle-aged woman still hasn't been able to defeat Jordan's intoxicating hypnotic magic.

"Okay, Grandma give it, but we have to promise you one thing, you can't disturb your sister, remember you are big, don't be like a child anymore, promise!" Carolin slightly threatened Jordan, this man only nodded with a smile.

"Okay, here's the address." Carolin showed Jordan the cellphone screen, where Princess Maryam's address was written on it.

"Thank you, Grandma." Jordan said and immediately hugged the old woman.

"Indonesia! I'm coming!" Jordan shouted loudly, making Carolin and Merlin cover their ears simultaneously.

Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Jordan, accompanied by Neo, has now arrived in Indonesia. Jordan deliberately brought Neo with him, because Neo's Indonesian was better than Jordan's Indonesian.

A sports car came to pick Jordan up at the airport, which made Neo widen his eyes. Who comes to pick you up? Meanwhile, Neo didn't make an appointment with anyone.

Jordan left Neo alone and he walked over to the sports car that was parked beautifully in the parking lot.

Someone came out and showed Jordan a piece of paper to sign. Neo immediately approached his boss's son.

"Sir, whose car is this?" Ask, Neo is curious.

"Of course our car, there's no way we have to walk to find Maryam's house," said the man who immediately got into the car, with Neo still gawking.

"How long will uncle stand there?" The sports car was on, Neo immediately got into the car, and sat beside Jordan. While shaking his head, Jordan never changed.

Jordan drives the car as he pleases, even Neo warns Jordan that this is Indonesia, not his country, which Jordan can do whatever he wants. Jordan, ignoring Neo's words, he continued to increase the speed of his sports car.

Google maps shows the way to the residence of Princess Maryam, Jordan's only sister.

"Young master, you can't drive like this, please slow down otherwise we will crash into people," Neo, again warned the man, but Jordan ignored him.

Jordan immediately overtook several cars on the road, which were even quite close to his car.

"Agrh! papa, be careful." Said a woman who was sitting next to her father who was driving, but it was seen that the adult man slowed down when they were almost hit by Jordan's sports car.

"Who the hell drives a car so fast, doesn't know if it could endanger other people on the road," grumbled Fairuz, who looked annoyed especially when he saw the child who was still scared, because they almost crashed and had an accident.

Right at their lights, the road was quite congested. Jordan repeatedly honks his car horn making Neo tell him to calm down.

"Young master, this is still a red light. You have to be more calm, you can't be like this," said Neo, Jordan didn't hear because he didn't like being advised.

Tit! Tit! Tit!

The sound was getting louder and louder, making the other motorists uncomfortable and quite disturbing.

"Wow, it's hard to defecate!" shouted the motorist when he saw Jordan's car, which kept on beeping its horn.

Tit! Tit! Tit!

“Damn it! You're so annoying, stop it quickly!” shouted another person, but Jordan finally realized that he had just been cursed at by someone else, which made Jordan angry.

"Young master, what do you want?" asked Neo, when Jordan was about to get out of the car.

"Of course I want to teach a lesson to that person's trash mouth," answered Jordan, who immediately got out of the car, Neo shook his head because he knew that Jordan didn't like it when someone scolded him even though he was guilty.

Jordan got out of his sports car, everyone was paying attention to Jordan, not only that, there were even many people who were amazed at the handsomeness of the man, especially the black glasses that were still attached to the spot, making Jordan's aura so alluring to anyone who saw it.

There were several people who took photos and videos of Jordan without the man realizing it because his behavior had made other people quite curious about who was walking in the middle of a red light.


A slap landed on the cheek of the motorcyclist who had cursed at Jordan, causing other people to stare at Jordan with disapproval of his rude attitude.

"Why did you hit me?" The motorbike rider looked confused when he saw Jordan who suddenly hit him.

"Why are you cursing me? What did I do wrong?" asked Jordan, who slapped the man again.

"In front of a red light, can't you see it?" The man continued to defend himself, until Abah Fairuz saw the violent action, he did not justify it happening in front of his eyes.

"Why if it's a red light? You can curse at me? You can scream at me?" Jordan asked while hitting the man, and Neo immediately pulled Jordan to separate the two of them.

"Young master, that's enough." Neo said, who tried to pull Jordan's hand, but Jordan again shook off Neo's hand, when he saw the man who was still staring at him, it made Jordan dissatisfied with beating him.

"I won't let any trash curse me," once again Jordan threw his fist at the man so that he fell to the asphalt.

Fairuz, watching Jordan hit the motorbike rider, Fairuz immediately realized that it was the same person.

"Masyitah, isn't that the same person who almost hit us earlier?" exclaimed Fairuz, Masyitah confirmed her papa's question.

After confirming it was the same person, Fairuz, got out of the car and approached Jordan who was still hitting people. Neo was trying to separate the two people, but he didn't succeed because Jordan didn't like being obstructed and having his business interfered with by other people.

"Papa will go to see him," said Fairuz but Masyitah forbade him because he didn't want anything to happen to his papa.

"No papa, just leave it alone."

Fairuz got out of the car and approached Jordan and the driver who was different from Jordan. Jordan was seen still hitting and even cursing the driver. Fairuz was standing right behind Jordan.

"What are you doing? Didn't you stop to hit him? Is this your way of solving the problem? You just almost hit me, and immediately wanted to kill this man?" Fairuz asked repeatedly, making Jordan even more angry, this man turned around and immediately pointed at him. gun towards Fairuz but at his head.

"Who are you to dare interfere in my business?" asked Jordan, whose gun was now right in front of Fairuz's head.

"No, young master, don't do that," shouted Neo, but this man didn't hear that. He continued to stare at Fairuz, with a look of disapproval.

"Please, stop. Don't shoot my papa, don't do that. We admit we were wrong, let us go!" Just look at the woman who is wearing Muslim clothes and covering her face like Fatimah did. Masyitah was wearing a veil, this made Jordan interested and he kept staring at the woman, who was taking her father away from there.

Neo also grabbed Jordan's arm to stop the man from throwing a tantrum.

"Young master, you've made everyone stare at us, let's go!" Neo kept pulling Jordan's arm all the way to the car, but Jordan didn't move his gaze, which continued to stare at Masyitah until the veiled woman got into the car.

For some reason Jordan smiled when he saw the woman, Neo pushed Jordan's body into the car, and now he took over the wheel, after the green light all the drivers immediately drove calmly and left the place. However, it was different from Jordan, who continued to stare at the car that Masyitah was driving past his sports car.

"Young master, wear a safety belt, you." Neo, immediately drove his car away from that place.


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