The Male Lead’s Boyfriend is Obsessed With Me


I fell into the ultimate noir* BL novel. I was also the obsessive maniac and villainess who fell in love with the boss of The Hundred Thousand and brutally died during the main characters’ first meeting! I thought I’d change the love between the two, which originally ended with the death of my bias due to schemes, into a happy ending, “Join me. To hell.” What? I’ve been kidnapped by my favorite character. ‘You’re my bias.’ ‘But this is too much.’ To survive a life-turning event that is similar to the novel, I tried to seduce my bias a little. Just to the point where he would be sad to kill me. “Why do you like me so much?” Yet something wasn’t right. “Try running away Princess, if you can.” “I’m blind about you right now, and I’m going crazy.” The male lead’s boyfriend began to cling to me. “Please, Yeonbyeol…” “Don’t leave me alone…” Too dangerous and dizzying, there’s no way to escape. *Noir is, according to Google, “A genre of crime film or fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity.”

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